Crazy Friend in Town (II)

You remember my last post where my friend Tania was looking for poppy backgrounds for her dress. Well, I was more into earth tones to match with my 60s cut dress in cream color, brown leather sandals and my favorite vintage bag from my mother (which was a present from my father when they were dating!)


Tania and I, we´ve known each other for many years now. Neighbors first, friends after , we've shared many laughs, tears and MUSIC! (and now you HAVE TO press the play button).

We were crazy for Bon Jovi (I still am :)) and this made us sisters, like blood on blood. Childhood friends are something very special. You share so many memories together that there is always something to talk about, something that make you feel deeply connected.  That is the way I feel about my friendship with Tania.

We live now in different cities, but now and then we always find time to see each other again and do revivals together! 

I can still remember
When I was just a kid
When friends were friends forever
And what you said was what you did

Blood on blood
One on one
We'd still be standing
When all was said and done

- end of the Obsession - 

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