Today I want to present you the band that won my heart after its concert at Kutxa Kultur Festibala: Belako, my new Obsession. Josu (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Cris (keyboards, vocals), Lore (bass, vocals) and Lander (drums) are the young members of Belako (name of the abandoned factory where they rehearse, in the industrial city of Munguia, Basque Country). None of them reaches the age  of 20 years. 

Kutxa Kultur Festibala 2013

Kutxa Kultur Festibala is a beautiful, small festival located on top of a mountain inside an amusement park, which makes the whole experience unique and, above all, fun! Four stages and two days of music at a unique location make the festival worth to visit. 

Donosti, my hometown

To close properly the summer season, I went to the last music festival of my own selection in 2013: Kutxa Kultur Festibala in beautiful St. Sebastian, my hometown.

Inspiration for Transylvania

Today I'm starting my holidays in Transylvania. Finally. A destination in my heart since I can remember. Here some inspiration I've collected for my trip. Hope to bring you soon more pictures and souvenirs from Romania! La revedere!

Teresa Oman

She is just one of my biggest Obsessions. Her beauty amazes me every time I see it. She is just the perfection of beauty for me. There is not so much about her on the internet, but so many photos, with so many different perspectives of the same Teresa. 

Follow her on:
instagram: @diddysback

- end of the obssession - 

ITW secret Line Up

As I explained you in my previous posts, the line up at In The Woods was also secret. I really like the idea of going to a festival to discover new music, without a tight schedule where you try to fit all the artists you wanna see in one or two days. The secret line up allows you to go to the festival more relaxed and with the emotion of hopefully being positively surprised.

Another think I like form the In The Woods festival is that the concert are never simultaneous so that you can really listen to all the artists and not miss any new talent.

My looks at ITW Festival

At In The Woods we were shooting a video about the festival. A fun job, but still work so, some comfy outfit was necessary.  

The festival took place at the end of August and I thought it was going to be hot and summery... well, the sun shone the whole day, but inside the woods was cold. I had so many cool, summer, festival outfits, but I quickly realized I have to dress less summery  and more wintry... so I didn't have much options. Amazing how much can change the temperature inside the thick woods, no wonder that the bonfire was the most awaited event after sunset!

In The Woods Festival (a dream come true)

As you know from my previous post, I spent some days in the english countryside, but I think I didn't explain you why. Well, I literally fulfilled one of my dreams: go to the In The Woods festival.

Kent, english countryside

Last week I spend some days in Kent, the county in South England traditionally known as "The Garden of England".  From the moment we arrived and saw the amazing nature and green area, I didn't want to go back home for  a while. it was exactly what I needed, countryside, nature and some peace.

Alma Jodorowsky

I always say a have a french soul and even if it sound cliché, I really feel myself deeply connected with the french culture. My mother always tells me that when I was little and she told me that I was going to a german school I scream I wanted to go to a french one! If you knew my mother you would have already guessed that I went to a german school... But from that moment on I just saw french movies and french TV, I fall in love with Baudelaire, Monet, Balzac, la Nouvelle Vague and Elodie Bouchez and as soon as I could I start french lessons and, later on, moved to Paris.

Siempre he dicho que mi alma es francesa y que, incluso si suena tópico, me siento profundamente conectada con la cultura francesa. Mi madres siempre me cuenta que, cuando era pequeña y me dijeron que me habían apuntado al colegio alemán, yo grité que quería ir a las escuelas francesas! Si conocieseis a mi madre, ya habríais  deducido que acabé en el colegio alemán! Pero, desde ese momento, mis pasiones fueron Baudelaire, Monet, Balzac, la Nouvelle Vague y Elodie Bouchez y, en cuanto tuve poder de decisión, empecé a estudiar francés y me mudé a París.

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