Today I want to present you the band that won my heart after its concert at Kutxa Kultur Festibala: Belako, my new Obsession. Josu (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Cris (keyboards, vocals), Lore (bass, vocals) and Lander (drums) are the young members of Belako (name of the abandoned factory where they rehearse, in the industrial city of Munguia, Basque Country). None of them reaches the age  of 20 years. 

I was totally captivated by their performance at Kutxa Kultur Festibala and just wanted to know more about them. Their first rough cut was selected 3rd of the best new releases of 2012 by one of the most famous music programs in Spain, Discogrande. Right after they play at Bilbao BBK live, become support band from Elvis Costello at St. Sebastian Jazz Festival and played at Crystal Fighter's Cave Rave album presentation party at Zugarramuridi Caves.  

Belako sounds like british post -punk (Joy Division , The Cure) and american noise from the 80's and 90's (Sonic Youth). Most of their songs are in English, but they also use the Basque language.

 In March they released their first album, Eurie, from the independent label Gaua Records. You can enjoy it here.

Let me know if you like them as much as I do!

- end of the Obsession -

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