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Last week I spend some days in Kent, the county in South England traditionally known as "The Garden of England".  From the moment we arrived and saw the amazing nature and green area, I didn't want to go back home for  a while. it was exactly what I needed, countryside, nature and some peace.

There was not even coverage so, most of the time, we were unreachable, an amazing feeling you don't have so often these days. 

We stayed close to a small village called Benenden, in a typical english B&B.  Our stay was amazing, our hosts very kind and the english breakfast was delicious! I usually don't have massive food for breakfast, but it was impossible to resist this one! For the first time in my like I tried the poached egg and now is my favorite egg version! 

As much as it could sound as holidays, we were working on a music festival project (stay tunned, losts of posts to come :), but we did even have little time to visit some turistic spots around this green area. Like the Sissinghurst castle and gardens (sell from the locals as the most beautiful garden in the world! hahahahahahahahaha).

I wanted to have some kind of an english touch on my outfit, something remaining me of the british famous gentleman attitude and gestures, that is why I decided to go with a sober black outfit and a felt hat. 

Sissinghurst Castle is one of the most famous castles in England. It may not be the most amazing castle you have  ever seen, but definitely has  its charmed and glamorous british touch. Lord Byron has always been my absolute favorite writer and kind of a platonic love. Walking around these gardens did remain me of him, while I was imaging being a lady walking around with my lord... Well, I did really enjoyed being there.

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