Sunday's petit-déjeuner

My dear beloved Obsessed, it's been a while since my last post, but this week has been crazy at work and couldn't find the time to  bring you more new obsessions (although I've crossed so many!) 

New Victorian style

By now you probably now my feebleness for Dracula and his legend. So, you won't be surprise by my new Obsessions; the new NBC series Dracula. I just started watching it recently and immediately become addicted. Jonathan Rhys Meyers really makes you believe that you are in front of the most alluring Dracula. 

The Last 3 Lines' new EP

The Last 3 Lines is one of my biggest Obsessions. If you know me, yo know The Last 3 Lines. It is a fact :) TL3L is an indie rock band based in Barcelona or, as they describe themselves, humans from Barcelona performing bearded psychedelic rock since 2007.

Lovely weekend with Esther

Last saturday one of my dearest friend came to visit me in Barcelona. We know each other for years and she is like the little sister I never had. Esther and I met in Esther's hometown, Nürnberg (Germany). She was my host family when I was learning German but soon became my best friend. I still have a box full of letters she wrote me during all this years (or at least until internet changed that for emails). There aren't enough words to describe how much I love her. 

New look

There has been more than a week since my last post... I'm so sorry. It has been really stressful these last days. Work, visits, dinners, anniversary, Halloween... I couldn't find the time to let you know even that I have a new look! 

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