Sunday's petit-déjeuner

My dear beloved Obsessed, it's been a while since my last post, but this week has been crazy at work and couldn't find the time to  bring you more new obsessions (although I've crossed so many!) 


But today I find a new little, frenchy Obsession I couldn't resist to let you know about...

Every sunday, my love and I, we go out for breakfast, always looking for the best croissant in town! We have been doing this for ages, so we have a pretty good list of best croissant in town (someday I will definitely talk about all those delicious croissants...).

Today we discover by chance this beautiful place in Barcelona: Clarés

The place was love at first sight! Small, cosy and with the french touch I love. Nowadays, there are many beautiful places but lots of them don't have the flare of a place with history behind. Many of these beautiful places look alike and not real, they look like a decoration for instagramers (myself included ☺). But Clarés is different, it's real and not perfect. And this imperfection make it perfect.

This place made me dream and imaging romantic stories about a regular customer in love with the waitress. A customer that comes everyday and ask for the recommendation of the day in order to speak to her, a customer that brings always a different book using the title or plot to insinuate subtly her feelings...

I actually did imaging a good friend of mine, coming every day to see the lovely waitress with the sad look and writing beautiful stories in the air about her.

Definitely, we will come back! The croissant was average, but the carrot cake and the coffee where delicious. And the magical parisian atmosphere make it already worth coming.

- end of the Obsession - 

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