The Last 3 Lines' new EP

The Last 3 Lines is one of my biggest Obsessions. If you know me, yo know The Last 3 Lines. It is a fact :) TL3L is an indie rock band based in Barcelona or, as they describe themselves, humans from Barcelona performing bearded psychedelic rock since 2007.

I met Dani Gil (one of the guitars) 5 years ago when I moved to Barcelona and they were just releasing their first album: You Are a Deep Forest. He invited me to a concert in Barcelona some days after and, from that moment on, TL3L got my heart!

Last month they released their new EP: New Songs For Old Rites. I was lucky enough to watch part of the process! I was at their studios when they recorded Undisclosed Paths, helping while doing the shooting for the new promo pictures and dancing like crazy at their first concert last thursday at Sala Apolo Barcelona.

[Turn up the volume and dance with me!]

I really enjoyed the time with these great artists discovering their talent, creativity, humor and, above all, the great persons that they are. Generous and friendly.

I must say I Iike all their albums but, Visions From Oniria is simply a master piece. Delicate, powerful, mystic, complex, twisting, astonishing, unpredictable and deep. So convincing that can't let you indifferent.

With this new EP New Songs For Old Rites they keep on the same undisclosed path from Visions From Oniria. Creating unpredictable songs that make you feel deep emotions even if you don't understand the lyrics (something that not often happens). And this is what I love from this EP and last album, the way that, unpredictably, the songs reach you, like a wave coming from the distance, like a revelation.

Today, they just released their new video Undisclosed Paths, enjoy!

The Last 3 Lines are really worth seeing live where they become really powerful and unbeatable.  They are now on tour. Check dates in their facebook.

- end of the Obsession - 

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