Donosti, my hometown

To close properly the summer season, I went to the last music festival of my own selection in 2013: Kutxa Kultur Festibala in beautiful St. Sebastian, my hometown.

For all you that don't really know much about the city, St. Sebastian (better know as Donosti, its name in Basque) is in the north of Spain, on the border of France and belongs to the Basque Country.  Even if it won't sound very objective, it is said that St. Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain...

The Festival takes place in one of the most beautiful places of the city (or, at least, with the most beautiful view of St. Sebastian) on top of the Igueldo Mountain, inside the vintage amusement park of the city. Everything is very unique and old-school. We went up with the old funicular of the city, that leaves you right at the entrance, at the best point of view of the whole St. Sebastian bay. First day we just went to see the place, take our accreditations and meet the super friendly organizers.

We really examined the area carefully and thoroughly. All the attractions were checked and tested before going for some pintxos (typical Basque food, similar to tapas, but much better ;) to the Old Town. 

After more than one year without visiting my hometown, was really emotional to see again my beautiful friends! It did so good to be together again! I realized how much did I miss them. 

- end of the Obsession - 

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