Transylvania besides Vlad Tepes

Besides our Vlad Tepes tour, we visited other beautiful places in Transylvania such as Sibiu, Brasov or Peles Castle. Places not directly related to Vlad but worth visiting. The first city we went after crossing the Carpathian mountains was Sibiu, which was designated European Capital of Culture in 2007. 

Sibiu is a pedestrian-friendly city with two easily accessible levels: the Upper town, home to most of Sibiu's historic sights, and the Lower town, lined with colorful houses on cobblestone streets and bounded by imposing city walls and defense towers overlooking the river Cibin.

One of the most "eye-catching" characteristics of many old Sibiu buildings are the "EYES" that appear to be watching you. I was fascinated by these little windows or skylights. People believed that god was watching the city at night and he knew who was supposed to be in the city and who shouldn’t be there. It reminded me of Dracula's eyes appearing constantly along Coppola's film.

After Sibiu we went to Sighisoara and then to Brasov. We have so much fan in this city! Firstly, we arrived one day earlier than we thought. It seamed that we forgot one day in our trip, the 25th of September was missing... so we arrived here and the hotel where we were staying told us that our reservation was starting next day! Well, actually it was a good news since we didn't have enough time to see all what we wanted and, suddenly, we had one day more!

Brasov is a very modern and european city. With lots of shops, bars, restaurants and a very friendly atmosphere. On top of the mountain there is written in big letters: BRASOV like in Hollywood and has a beautiful overview of the city.

From Sibiu we did a one-day-trip to Hunedoara, a small city famous for its castle.  Hunedoara Castle was used as a prison for Vlad III of Walachia better known as Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) for 7 years. Obviously this fact gave the castle its mystiques and numerous legends that surround it. The castle pretty much stands the way it looked back then during Vlad's time. The castle is Gothic in style and has both round and square shaped turrets with a red roof, perched over a cliff near the Hungarian border.

We loved the castle but, what I really loved about this city was its hundreds of amazing second hands stores! I went mad for several hours searching for treasures among all the cloths. Unfortunately, when we discovered those shops, they were almost closing, so I couldn't buy as much as I would have loved to... But, I found many amazing pieces!

Some of my treasures you have already seen in my previous posts such us my long denim skirt, my 90's style black and white shirt (made in France, by the way!) or one of my denim jackets. But I also both another denim jacket and a beautiful pullover. 

Another souvenir I bought from Transylvania was a wooden made Dracula's head. This was something I wanted years ago when a colleague (and good friend of mine) from work bought it when he was in Romania working. From the moment I saw it I wanted one! My parents were last year in Romania, but they didn't find it. Fortunately, the last day, I found it!

- end of the Obsession -

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