Easy like Sunday morning... by the Dreslyn

Today I bring you a new obsession, a real one, one of those that got you from the second you see it and don't let you until you share it immediately with your friends. In fact, I had a new post almost ready but I couldn't wait to share this new obsessions with you.  Well,  with such an introduction you may thing I'm telling you something  apocalyptic but, not at all, it's just an editorial that I loved and that made me discover a wonderful shopping web: The Dreslyn. (Worth checking its pinterest account!)

Hoy os traigo una nueva obsesión, de las de verdad, de esas que te entran por el ojo, te atrapan y solo quieres acabar el post para compartirla. De hecho tenía una entrada medio acabada, pero no he podido esperar a compartir esta con vosotros! Con semejante introducción pensareis que es algo apocalíptico, pero ni mucho menos, simplemente es una editorial que me ha encantado que, a su vez, me ha hecho descubrir una web de compra maravillosa: The Dreslyn. Con una cuenta de pinterest muy inspiradora!


__I was checking the net, when it appeared a wonderful banner. I've left the blog I was looking and went to see the source of that image. The editorial is called Easy like Sunday morning (to see the word Sunday on a Monday is pretty painful) and made me feel the imminent summer coming! 

Estaba revisando la red, cuando me ha aparecido un banner maravilloso. He dejado el blog que estaba mirando de lado y me he ido a ver la fuente de esa imagen. El editorial se llama Easy like Sunday morning (ver la palabra Domingo un lunes es bastante doloroso) y me ha hecho sentir la inminente llegada del verano! 

I hope you like it as much as I do! Have a nice Tuesday!

Espero que os guste tanto como a mí! Feliz martes!

 - end of the Obsession - 


  1. hey sweetie!!!

    I just found your blog , I totally love it!

    Your outfits are crazy, so stylish :) I love

    your fashion posts as well..!!! Would you like

    to follow each other in order to stay in touch?

    I would love to!!!!

    Greetings from Greece



  2. I love this! Thanks for the introduction

    Emma x

    1. Well, I can not beat your post about OUR WILD ABANDON!!!!

  3. Tía me flipa tu blog. Es taaaaan bonito. Mucha sya podrían aprender un pelín from you. ¿Quieres darle dirección de arte al mío please?

    1. tu que me miras con buenos ojos!!!! Tu blog es genial tal cual!

  4. This editorial is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I love your blog and have followed! x

    Colour Me In Blog


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