Norway by car

Today I bring you my favorite part of the trip, our four days by car in Norway. Traveling by car in Norway is not particularly cheap (but what is in this country!). However, is the best way to enjoy its dramatic scenery. In this post I will explain you our route Bergen - Stavanger - Bergen airport by two different roads.

Hoy os cuento la que creo que ha sido mi parte favorita del viaje, nuestros 4 días en coche por Noruega. Viajar en coche por Noruega no es especialmente barato (pero qué lo es en este país!), sin embargo, es la mejor manera de disfrutar de sus increíbles paisajes. En este post os explicaré nuestra ruta Bergen - Stavanger - aeropuerto de Bergen por dos caminos diferentes.


Låtefossen Waterfalls
Vangsvatnet Lake

Traveling Norway by car is an experience itself. Its rugged geography and its countless fjords, make roads traverse tunnels of over 10km, go under water and pass by endless suspension bridges. Roundabouts and tunnels several meters underwater. Something unique! And when none of this is possible, the ferries, a transport you have to always take into account when planning your travels.

Viajar en coche por Noruega es toda una experiencia. Su geografía abrupta y sus innumerables entrantes de agua, hacen que sus carreteras atraviesen túneles de más de 10km, se sumerjan bajo el agua y atraviesen infinitos puentes colgantes. Túneles con rotondas y a varios metros por debajo del agua. ¡Algo único! Y, cuando nada de esto es posible, utilizan ferris, una característica que tendrás que tomar en cuenta SIEMPRE  a la hora de planificar tus viajes.

In Norway, to get from A to B, usually, there aren't endless combinations. Nature has taken good care to limit them to a few options. From Bergen to Stavanger there are mainly two routes, the one from the coast (about 5 hours) and the inland route (about 7 hours). On the way to Stavanger we took the second one and extend it a little to go through Hardanger tourist route. And, from Stavanger to Bergen, we took the coast route. Both highly recommended.

En Noruega, para llegar de A a B no suele haber infinidad de combinaciones. La naturaleza se ha encargado de limitarlas a unas pocas. De Bergen a Stavanger existen principalmente dos rutas, la que va por la costa (unas 5 horas) y la que va por el interior (unas 7 horas). A la ida fuimos por el interior, extendiendo la ruta para pasar por la ruta turística de Hardanger y a la vuelta por la costa. Ambas muy recomendables.

Granvinsvatnet lake

ferry in Tysnes

The essentials of the inland route:
- Vangsvatnet lake
- Skjervsfossen Watterfall
- Granvinsvatnet lake
- National Tourist Route Hardanger (we did only a stretch)
- Vallavik tunnel (46 NOK): a tunnel with roundabouts.
- Hardanger bridge(150 NOK) 
- Låtefossen watterfall
- Trolltunga (We didn't go. Is a10 hours climb)
- Røldal Stave Church (you must deviate slightly from the road. We didn't have enough time.)

Los imprescindibles de la ruta interior:
- lago Vangsvatnet
- cascada Skjervsfossen
- lago Granvinsvatnet
- ruta turística nacional Hardanger (hicimos un tramo)
- túnel Vallavik (46 NOK)
- puente Hardanger (150 NOK)
- cascada Låtefossen
- la lengua del troll (nosotros no fuimos. Es una caminata de unas 10 horas)
- Iglesia de madera de Røldal (hay que desviarse ligeramente del camino. Tampoco tuvimos tiempo)

We took the route along the coast because it was the shortest and we had to catch a plane that night to Stockholm. We left early to have time to stop by. Maybe it was the radiant day or that we found so many unique and unexpected place, but this route became our favorite one! We had a little mishap with a ferry and lost too much time, so we couldn't stop at many of the sites on the way that seemed beautiful.

La ruta por la costa la elegimos porque era las más corta y teníamos que coger una avión esa misma noche a Estocolmo. Salimos temprano para poder improvisar e ir parando en los sitios que nos gustasen. Tal vez fuera el día radiante o la suerte que tuvimos de parar en lugar únicos e inesperados, pero esta ruta nos dejó sin palabras! Tuvimos un pequeño percance con un ferry y perdimos mucho tiempo, por lo que no pudimos parar en muchos de los sitios que había de camino y que eran preciosos.

Google Maps recommended us to catch the ferry Sandvikvag - Halhjem (duration: 40', Price: 213 NOK car and driver + 61 NOK per person) however, the GPS recommended an alternative route that included two ferries Jektevik-Hodnanes (duration: 10', price: car and driver 61 NOK + 25 NOK per person) + Våge-Halhjem (duration: 35', price: car and driver 119 NOK + 40 NOK per person). If you calculate well the times of each ferry, this route is very nice because you go through the municipality of Tysnes, which is very nice. The problem is that the second ferry has a very low frequency and we waited 1h20' for the next (time we didn't have) and we almost missed the plane and couldn't enjoy the wonderful journey from there until the Bergen airport. So, if you organize well your trip, the GPS route is nice and slightly cheaper, although somewhat slower.

Googlemaps nos indicaba coger el ferry Sandvikvag - Halhjem (duración: 40', precio: 213 NOK coche y conductor + 61 NOK por persona) sin embargo, el GPS nos recomendaba coger una ruta alternativa que incluía dos ferris Jektevik-Hodnanes (duración: 10', precio: 61 NOK coche y conductor + 25 NOK por persona) + Våge-Halhjem (duración: 35', precio: 119 NOK coche y conductor + 40 NOK por persona). Si calculas bien los tiempos y horarios de cada ferry, esta ruta es muy bonita porque atraviesas el municipio de Tysnes que nos gustó mucho. El problema es que, el segundo ferry que has de coger, tiene una frecuencia muy baja y tuvimos que esperar 1h20' al siguiente (tiempo con el que no contábamos) y estuvimos a punto de perder el avión y no pudimos disfrutar del maravilloso trayecto que hay hasta llegar al aeropuerto de Bergen. En resumen, si te organizas bien, la ruta GPS es más bonita y ligeramente más barata, ,aunque algo más lenta.

Avaldness Church

The essentials of the route along the coast:
- Church of Avaldness
- Viking Village of Bukkøy
- Municipality of Tysnes
- The road through the woods before reaching Bergen airport 

Los imprescindibles de la ruta por la costa:
- Iglesia de Avaldness
- Poblado vikingo de Bukkøy
- Municipio de Tysnes
- El camino por el monte antes de llegar al aeropuerto de Bergen

The Viking Village

- The maximum speed in Norway is 90 km/hour.
- There are constant speed controls and fines are expensive.
- Tolls are charged with telepass. More information here.
- The ferry to Stavanger: Mortavika - Arsvågen takes about 25 ', is every 15' and costs 165 NOK car + driver and 41 NOK per person.
- Usually cars on the side of the ferry go out first (in case you're in a hurry)
- Most stations do not accept cash.

- el máximo de velocidad en noruega es 90km/hora.
- hay constantes controles de velocidad y las multas son caras.
- los peajes se pagan con el telepass. Más información aquí.
- el ferry a Stavanger: Mortavika - Arsvagen dura unos 25', hay cada 15' y cuesta 165 NOK coche + conductor y 41 NOK por persona.
- generalmente los coches de los laterales salen antes (por si tienes prisa como  nosotros)
- la mayoría de gasolineras no admiten dinero en efectivo.

- end of the Obsession - 


  1. Wow! The geography you captured is absolutely stunning! I agree that the best way to see the countryside is by car. I love the freedom of being able to stop and take pictures whenever you come across a little treasure!

    1. thank you! yes, the car gives you so much freedom!

  2. Wauu, what a photos! I would love to visit Norway one day. In addition to Iceland this are the only 2 Scandinavian countries I haven't visit yet.

  3. Every one of your pictures look so peaceful, we now would love to road trip through Norway. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  4. Just love it! I have travelled by public transport - which I have to say was amazing! Some of the tunnels are quite scary - the Laerdal Tunnel is about 25kms long and that one did make me take some deep breaths! The scenery is just stunning!

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  9. Every time I see photos of Norway I am reminded what a truly beautiful part of the world this is! I have wondered how I would get around; whether to drive or take public transport as I really do want to be able to see the stunning countryside so this post is most helpful, thank you! #feetdotravel

  10. What a great road trip. We would love to get in our camper van and do this trip. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

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  12. This has always been one of my dreams but I don't drive! My brother did it earlier this year and I was so annoyed at him for not taking me. Such a beautiful place - looks like you had an awesome time!

  13. Norway is my favourite Scandinavian country. It is solemn and peaceful. I would love to visit for the northern lights. Kudos for travelling to this beautiful country by road. The journey must have been really picturesque.


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