10 days in Norway

HELLO! After several weeks without updating the blog, today I bring you the first of several posts about our last days in Norway. First, I will show you our route, then I will make a brief summary of my impressions of Norway and, last, give you some tips.

¡HOLA! Tras varias semanas sin actualizar el blog, hoy os traigo el primero de varios posts sobre nuestras últimas vacaciones en Noruega. En primer lugar, os indicaré la ruta que hemos hecho, os haré un pequeño resumen de mis impresiones sobre Noruega y os daré algunos consejos prácticos.



Our tour consisted of 10 days visiting:
- Oslo (4 days) traveling by train to Bergen.
- Bergen (3 days), driving by car to Stavanger.
- Stavanger (3 days) visiting also the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen).

Nuestra ruta consistió en 10 días visitando:
- Oslo (4 días) desplazándonos en tren a Bergen.
- Bergen (3 días), desplazándonos en coche a Stavanger.
- Stavanger (3 días) visitando también el Púlpito (Preikestolen).

From the window of the train Oslo - Bergen

As I already advanced you in my previous post, we were eager to visit Norway. After ten days in this country, I have the feeling that Norway is a magical country. A different and unique country for many reasons:

Como ya os adelantaba en el anterior post, tenían muchas ganas de conocer Noruega. Después de haber pasado diez días en este país, tengo la sensación de que Noruega es un país mágico. Un país diferente y único por varios motivos:

Latefossen Waterfalls

- Its geography. If you observe a map of Norway, you will see that, in most cases, is a narrow strip of mountainous and rugged coastline, broken by huge fjords and thousands of islands. Something like the bark of Sweden. Norway is basically water.
- It's name. The way north.
- It's nature. The very essence of this country and what constantly takes your breath away.
- It's character. It seems incredible that one of the richest countries in the world is so humble and little ostentatious. Fashion is irrelevant in this country. You will not find wide range of fashion business neither innovative trends. Norwegian only wear sports clothes: leggings, shoes, raincoats and backpacks. Sport is undoubtedly the national pastime number 1. The sports brand 2XU have dominated Norway.

- Su geografía. Si observáis un mapa del país, veréis que, en su mayoría, es una estrecha franja litoral montañosa y llena de entrantes de agua (fiordos). Algo así como la corteza de Suecia. Noruega es básicamente agua.
- Su nombre. Camino hacia el norte.
- Su naturaleza. La verdadera esencia de este país y lo que te deja sin aliento constantemente.
- Su carácter.  Parece mentira que uno de los países más ricos del mundo sea tan humilde y poco ostentoso. La moda carece de relevancia en este país. No encontraréis gran oferta de negocios ni tendencias novedosas. Los noruegos únicamente visten ropa deportiva: leggings, zapatillas, chubasquero y mochila. El deporte es, sin duda, el pasatiempo nacional número 1. La marca deportiva que arrasa es 2XU. Los leggings de esta marca han dominado Noruega.

The Pulpit Rock

- It's houses. The houses in this country are of fairy-tale. Exactly the way you imagine them. Wooden, single family home, surrounded by nature and red (actually, there are in many colors, but most of all are in the classic "Red Norway").
- It's cars. Despite being one of the major oil producers, electric car dominate the country. The government favors the purchase of these cars eliminating fees and offering free charging points. Most of the cars we saw were Tesla and Buddies. Buddy is a Norwegian car brand and my new favorite car!
- The transportation system. From the ferry you constantly have to take to move around, up to the endless tunnels that cross not only mountains but seas and its many bridges over the sea, they made your travel an experience itself. In fact, Norway is considered a world leader in tunnels, with over 900, including the longest road tunnel in the world.

- Sus casas. Las casas en este país son de cuento. Tal y como te las imaginas. De madera, unifamiliares, en medio de la naturaleza y rojas (realmente las hay de muchos colores, pero abundan las del clásico "rojo Noruega")
- Sus coches. A pesar de ser uno de los principales productores de petróleo, los coche eléctricos dominan el país. El gobierno favorece la compra de estos coches eliminando las tasas y ofreciendo puntos de carga gratuitos. La mayoría de los coches que vimos eran Tesla y Buddies. Buddy es una marca noruega de coches que fabrica mi nuevo coche preferido!
- Su sistema de transporte. Desde los ferris que has de tomar constantemente para desplazarte, hasta los infinitos túneles que atraviesan no solo montañas, sino mares y su infinidad de puentes sobre el mar, hacen de tus desplazamientos toda una experiencia. De hecho, Noruega es considerado líder mundial en túneles, con más 900, incluyendo el túnel de carretera de mayor longitud del mundo.

Hardanger National Tourist Route

  1. You can absolutely pay everything with credit card, so there is no need to change money.
  2. The Ferries for short distances (less than 20') normally cost 100 NOK (car + 2 people) and longer ones about 200 NOK (car + 2 people).
  3. Tolls are paid automatically by Autopass and charged to the associated credit card. If you rent a car, it's already implemented and will be charged to the credit card with which you have rented the car. If not, you have to register your credit card through their website.
  4. Norway is a very expensive country (a beer in a bar around 70 NOK, a cafe around 35 NOK, milk around 15 NOK and gasoline around 14 NOK) so if you do not want to spend much on food, I suggest booking accommodation that allows you to use the kitchen, take cold meat or similar with you and try to find accommodation that includes breakfast.

Consejos prácticos:
  1. Se puede pagar absolutamente todo con tarjeta, por lo que no es necesario cambiar dinero.
  2. Los ferris de trayectos cortos (menos de 20') cuestan normalmente 100 NOK (coche + 2 personas) y  los de trayectos largos unos 200 NOK (coche + 2 personas).
  3. Los peajes se pagan automáticamente con el Autopass (teletac noruego) y se cargan a la tarjeta de crédito asociada. Si alquilas un coche, ya viene implementado y se te cargará a la tarjeta de crédito con la que hayas alquilado el coche. Si no, tendrás que registrar tu tarjeta de crédito a través de su web.
  4. Noruega es un país muy caro (una cerveza en un bar 70 NOK, un café unos 35 NOK, la leche unos 15 NOK, gasolina unos 14 NOK) por lo que, si no quieres gastar mucho en comida, te aconsejo reservar alojamiento que te permita usar su cocina, llevar embutidos o similar desde tu casa e intentar buscar alojamiento que incluya desayuno.

- end of  the Obsession - 


  1. One thing I wish I would've had a chance to do on my trip to western Norway was hike Pulpit Rock! We decided to hike Trolltunga instead, but that meant we didn't have time to go all the way to Stavanger. It's definitely on my list for next time though!

    1. yes! you have to go, it's a super easy walk, nothing to do with Troltunga! hahahaha And Stavanger is very nice!

  2. Stunning! I can see why this is one of your obsessions!

  3. The pulpit rock looks so peaceful and amazing. We will absolutely be adding this to our list. Lovely, thank you.

  4. I really want to visit Norway and have done for many years as I have a friend that lives in the North and I want to see her and her beautiful country, especially the fjords. Everyone I know who has visited Norway fell in love with it and I can see why you did as well. #feetdotravel

    1. I would love to visit the north!!!! We didn't have enough time, but it has to be amazing!

  5. Norway sounds like a wonderful place to visit. After seeing you travel tips and stunning photos I will have to add Norway to my travel list. Thanks for sharing :-) #feetdotravel

  6. Wow, the pulpit rock looks amazing. I haven't been to Norway before, just to Sweden and Denmark. Your pictures are lovely, hope I will get there one day. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous photos, I love your use of negative space! I visited Norway some years ago now, and that was mainly Oslo. Will return one day to see a lot more of the country :-) thanks for the inspiration!

  8. The Pulpit Rock looks like a dreamland. Thanks for sharing all your experience and beautiful images. I believe it worth every penny to visit, despite it is very expensive.

  9. My favourite country so far (out of 40 +) Norway is magical and beautiful and it never fails to take my breath away!

  10. We have visited Norway on a cruise so only had a few days here, but would love to spend more time exploring. Not cheap but looks worth it!

  11. A fantastic itinerary in a beautiful country. I loved Norway but unfortunately I only visited for a short time before I got ill and had to come home (I was a kid). There is just so much natural beauty and I would love to explore it properly one day

  12. Wow, that view from the pulpit rock looks amazing. Great tips for visiting Norway!

  13. I've only been to Oslo so far Midori but I fell in love with it. I'm looking forward to exploring further and will review your posts before I do. It is such a beautiful country!

  14. I would love to visit Norway. I see so many great places to hike in your pictures. Beautiful landscapes! Plus, the fjords would be awesome to see. I can see why you love it so much...so much to fall in love with.

  15. Great stuff Midori. I really enjoyed my last trip to Norway and exploring the country. The landscape is something special. However I would have liked to see the The Pulpit Rock.


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