Kutxa Kultur Festibala 2013

Kutxa Kultur Festibala is a beautiful, small festival located on top of a mountain inside an amusement park, which makes the whole experience unique and, above all, fun! Four stages and two days of music at a unique location make the festival worth to visit. 

The line-up is a good mix of well known bands and new talents, international bands and local bands. You can buy tickets for each day at the amazing price of 16€!!! There is also free public transport every 5 minutes that brings you to the festival very comfortably

The line-up  of the first day of the festival had more new bands and a younger public.  All the tickets were sold out for that day, mainly because of Crystal Fighters, the band that everybody wanted to see live! 

look Day 1

The rest of the artist for that day were: Delorean, Belako, Junip and Damien Jurado in the main stage.  On the local bands stage we had: Grande Days, Buffalo, Codigo Bushido, Jus and Roulot.

The second day of the festival the line-up was full of big names in the music like Dinosaur Jr or Built to Spill. The other bands on the main stage were: Dover, Crocodiles and Audience. On the local band stage we had: Bobby Bare JR, Napoka Iria, UK Bill, Cohen, Lou Topet and Istrian.

look Day 2


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