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Nihao China

Some weeks ago I went to China for work and decided to stay and spend there also my holidays. I know, lucky me that I could take advantage of the situation and stay longer in this mysterious and enigmatic country. Truth be told, I never thought of China as a travel destination. Why? I've no idea. Although is an ancient and millennial culture, with an incredible history, China didn't inspire me enough to go there.

Frecklesnur - Nuria

If Obsessions is about something, it is about little things I come across in life. The unexpected can surprise me  any time and can make  me feel anxious for knowing more, for discovering everything behind it, becoming a new Obsession.  It can be anything... images, music, places, people… 

You can...

Crazy Friend in Town (II)

You remember my last post where my friend Tania was looking for poppy backgrounds for her dress. Well, I was more into earth tones to match with my 60s cut dress in cream color, brown leather sandals and my favorite vintage bag from my mother (which was a present from my father when they were dating!)

Crazy Friend in Town

My old good friend Tania came to visit me and we spend a long weekend together in the city! Instead of trying different looks, we decided to try different backgrounds for one look!  A good excuse to walk through the beautiful Barcelona looking for the perfect setting for our look! We did not only discover many amazing places (enough material for another post about Barcelona), but we also had a lot of fun becoming perfectly fused with the city.

Teen Flirt - Promises

I let you this sensuous video full of beauty to smoothly enter into the mood of weekend...

SOKO: Stephanie Sokolinski

“I never settle anywhere, so I’m always out of my comfort zone. I find that very inspiring.”

I came across this talented artist a couple of days ago, and I couldn't wait to let you know about her in Obsessions. The first thing that caught my attention was the  agony and desperation of her video: "Destruction of the disgusting ugly hate" and the fact that I can't stop singing this song.

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