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If Obsessions is about something, it is about little things I come across in life. The unexpected can surprise me  any time and can make  me feel anxious for knowing more, for discovering everything behind it, becoming a new Obsession.  It can be anything... images, music, places, people… 

I met Nuria almost two years ago, when we were working together at Bershka. She was modeling for the online store. In fact she was one of the first models we had and, those days, I used to talk more with them. Now there are so many passing by every week, that I don't really get to know them. 

But Nuria was different. She did really fit in our team and we use to hang out sometimes after work.  She is not the typical model, you can see it for the first second you talk to her. She is an artist, and artist capturing the freedom with her camera.  She also loves to surf, skate and above all, to travel.

She takes pictures in all kind of formats and with different cameras. Lots of her pictures are stil analogic, which gives the picture a kind of mysterious and personal touch that makes you  dream of all those places she has been. 

Here a little questionnaire about her from her site:

Where are you from and where do you live? I was born in Barcelona. I’ve been traveling around for a few years, nowadays in California. 

Which was your first camera?  I started to take pictures 4 years ago with Yashica Electro 35, it’s my parents camera from the 60’s.

Analogic or digital? Always analogic. I have a special feeling with the old cameras, I used to buy my cameras in some flea markets and antique shops.

Favourite cameras? I like to try different kind of camera, it always depends of what inspires me each place. In the last year I’ve been strongly influenced from some photgraphers who use instant camera photographers and I started my own stories with Polaroids.

Nuria was one of those persons that really inspired me. Her pictures make me dream every time I see them. I guess she is the “perfect” obsession!

more about Nuria:

*all pictures are from frecklesnur

- end of the Obsessions - 


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