10 days in Greece: Milos' villages

Hello! Today I bring you one of my favorite post of the trip, Milos. As I have several things to tell you and many photos to show you, I have divided it into two posts: one about their beautiful beaches and picturesque fishing villages and another one about their villages. Today I bring you this last one.

Hola! Hoy os traigo uno de mis post favoritos del viaje,  Milos. Como tengo varias cosas que contaros y muchas fotos que mostraros, lo he divido en dos posts: uno sobre sus preciosas playas y pintorescos pueblos de pescadores y otro sobre sus pueblos. Hoy os traigo este último.

We arrived by boat from Santorini. The journey is 2h30 and costed us € 52.90 per person. However, the schedules vary greatly depending on the time of the on year and also the prices depending on how fast the ferry is. You can find slow boats for less money. When we went (end of May) there weren't many options. I totally recommend you to hire a car. We rent one at RAC, which had vey bad critics, but we didn't have any problem. The cars are very old but at very good price.

Llegamos en barco desde Santorini. El trayecto son 2h30 y nos costó 52,90€ por persona. De todas formas, los horarios varían mucho según la época del año y también los precios en función de la duración del trayecto. Podéis encontrar trayectos más largos por menos dinero. En la época que nosotros fuimos no había muchas opciones (fuimos a finales de mayo). También os recomiendo alquilar un coche para moveros por la isla. Nosotros alquilamos en RAC que, aunque tenía muy malas críticas, no tuvimos ningún problema. Los coches son bastante viejos pero tienen los mejores precios.

As soon as you dock in Milos port you realize that this island has nothing to do with Santorini. You can breathe an incredible calm and the atmosphere is very local and not overly touristy. It is a very quiet island where you can enjoy beautiful beaches practically alone (at least at the end of May, when we went).

Nada más atracar en su puerto te das cuenta de que Milos no tiene nada que ver con Santorini. Se respira una calma increíble y el ambiente es muy local y no excesivamente turístico. Es una isla muy tranquila donde podréis disfrutar de playas preciosas prácticamente solos (por lo menos a finales de mayo, cuando fuimos nosotros).

villa Gallis


We stayed in a wonderful hotel, Villa Gallis, in the most touristy town on the island, Pollonia, (luckily away from the center). We had been recommended to stay in this part of the island, but Pollonia isn't really worth it (even restaurants are more expensive here). What we liked most was Plaka, the capital of Milos, and I think it's worth staying there. Anyway, just because of this wonderful hotel I would stay again in Pollonia :) This hotel is an oasis of calm and good taste.

Nos alojamos en un hotel maravilloso, Villa Gallis, en la ciudad más turística de la isla, Pollonia (afortunadamente alejados del centro). Nos habían recomendado alojarnos en esta parte de la isla, pero realmente Pollonia no merece mucho la pena (incluso sus restaurantes son más caros). A nosotros lo que más nos gustó fue Plaka, la capital de Milos,  y creo que merece la pena alojarse ahí. De todas formas, solo por lo maravilloso que es este hotel volveríamos a alojarnos en Pollonia :) Este hotel es un oasis de calma y buen gusto.


As I said, Plaka is a beautiful city and has many things to see and do in its surroundings. It is very small, but it has a lot of charm. You can walk through its white streets, taste the delicious local cuisine in its restaurants or enjoy its wonderful sunsets from the church of Panagia Mesa or from its castle.

Como os comentaba, Plaka es una ciudad preciosa y con muchas cosas para ver y hacer en sus alrededores. Es muy pequeñita, pero tiene muchísimo encanto. Podéis recorrer sus blancas calles, disfrutar de la deliciosa cocina local en sus restaurantes o disfrutar de sus maravillosas puestas de sol desde la iglesia de Mesa Panagia o desde su castillo.

Plaka Castle

Climbing the castle is definitely a must, especially at sunset. The climb is about 15/20 minutes and the views from there are amazing. The Castle was built in the 13th century. Nowadays it is not inhabited, but you can admire a view of incomparable beauty of the entire island bay and a magic sunset (we recomed you to bring some appetizers and cool drinks to fully enjoy the moment). Also, ascending to the Castle, you will have the chance to see the church of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary or Panaghia Skiniotissa and the church of Panaghia Thalassitra. Both really beautiful.

Subir al castillo es sin duda imprescindible, sobre todo al atardecer. La subida son unos 15/20 minutos y las vistas desde allí son increíbles. El castillo fue construido en el siglo XIII. Hoy en día no está habitado, pero se puede admirar una vista de incomparable belleza de toda la bahía  y una puesta de sol mágica (os recomiendo llevar aperitivos y bebida fresquita para disfrutar plenamente del momento). Durante la subida podréis ver la iglesia de La Asunción de la Virgen María o Panaghia Skiniotissa y la iglesia de Panaghia Thalassitra. Ambas realmente bonitas.

From Plaka you can also visit the catacombs and the ancient theater of Milos. The entrance to the Catacombs costs € 4 and the visit lasts only 15 minutes. The caves are located 150m above sea level. It is a first Christian gathering place and a cemetery at the end of the second century BC. They consist of a complex of three catacombs, with large and long passages that connect with other smaller ones in a burial chamber. Unfortunately today only a part of the catacombs can be visited and the visit becomes very short. The old theater is free.

Desde Plaka también podéis visitar sus catacumbas y el antiguo teatro de Milos. La entrada a las Catacumbas cuesta 4€ y la visita dura escasos 15 minutos. Las cuevas se encuentran a 150m sobre el nivel del mar. Es un primer lugar de reunion cristiano y un cementerio al final del siglo II aC. Se componen de un complejo de tres catacumbas, con grandes y largos pasajes que se conectan con otros mas pequeños en una cámara de enterramiento. Lamentablemente hoy en día solo una parte de las catacumbas pueden ser visitadas y la visita se hace muy corta. El antiguo teatro es gratuito.

In my next post I will tell you about Milos' beaches and beautiful fishing villages. Have a happy Sunday!

En mi próximo post os hablaré de sus playas y preciosos pueblecitos de pescadores. Feliz domingo!

- end of the Obsession - 


  1. The capital city looks lovely! I'm into photography, so would really enjoy taking shots as it looks so picturesque. You can't beat white washed walls and a bit of sea, your photos are great :) I also love the way the greeks paint their crazy paving white in between the stones too!

    1. I'm sure you could take amazing pictures in Greece (or in any other place!)

  2. We've traveled Spain a couple of weeks ago in the region of Costa del Sol. I wrote a post about the "white villages" which reminds me a lot of the villages of Mios in Greece. I add the link so that you can have a peek. https://greyworldnomads.com/2017/06/07/frigiliana-andalusia-spain/

  3. How beautiful Milos looks and I love the white buildings. The walk to the church seems like a must for those amazing sunsets. I would love to visit and take some wonderful photos. Your photos are stunning and thanks for sharing! :-) #feetdotravel

  4. Loving your Greece posts! That sunset is so beautiful. So glad you are writing about lesser known villages. It is wonderful to see Greece without crowds. Absolutely something we would do. Bookmarked this for 2018!

    1. yes, travelling to Greece off season is must!

  5. Beautiful greece, we have just returned from a cruise around the islands. It is one of our favourite place in the world. Thanks for sharing. #feetdotravel

  6. I love all of the white buildings. The slower pace would be a welcomed change from the hustle and bustle of Santorini!

  7. I'm visiting Greece this winter so this is a really useful guide to Milos. I think I will stay in Plaka as it sounds quieter and cheaper than Pollonia. The sunset from the castle looks a peaceful and beautiful way to spend the evening.

    1. Plaka is definitely our favorite place in Milos!

  8. Beautiful pics of Milos. Definitely worth a visit. :-)

  9. Plaka is such a charming place. It is indeed a revelation and thanks for unveiling the place for us. The Catacombs sound intriguing and we would love to get there some day.


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