10 days in Greece: Athens

After Meteora, we drove back to Athens, where we spent 2 days. Here we visit its most emblematic districts, the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and walk their streets full of history. We wanted to visit the archaeological museum (recommended by so many friends and family), but we went on Monday morning and it was closed ...

Después de Meteora, volvimos en coche a Atenas, donde pasamos 2 días. Aquí visitamos sus barrios más emblemáticos, la Acrópolis, el museo de la Acrópolis y callejeamos el máximo posible por esta ciudad llena de historia. Quisimos visitar el museo arqueológico que tanto nos han recomendado, pero cuando fuimos el lunes por la mañana estaba cerrado...

Here a brief photographic diary of our days in Athens. Don't miss visiting its most famous neighborhoods: Plaka, known as the Gods' Neighborhood due to its proximity to the Acropolis. Is also the oldest and liveliest neighborhood in Athens; Monastiraki, our favorite neighborhood and one of the most interesting and lively areas of Athens. Its name comes from the monastery of the homonymous square; Anafiotika, a charming area of Athens, with small white and blue houses clinging to the Acropolis hillside forming steep alleys and Kolonaki, the most elegant and luxurious of Athens with its neoclassical and modernist buildings that provide a stately air to the neighborhood.

Aquí os dejo un breve diario fotográfico de nuestros días en Atenas. No dejéis de visitar sus barrios más famosos: Plaka, conocido como el Barrio de los Dioses debido a su cercanía con la Acrópolis. También es el barrio más antiguo y animado de Atenas; Monastiraki, nuestro barrio favorito y una de las zonas más interesantes y animadas de Atenas. Su nombre proviene del monasterio de la plaza homónima; Anafiotika, una zona encantadora de Atenas, con pequeñas casas blancas y azules que se aferran a la ladera de la Acrópolis formando empinadas callejuelas y Kolonaki, uno de los más elegantes y lujosos de Atenas, con sus edificios neoclásicos y modernistas que aportan un aire señorial al barrio.

Happy weekend!
Feliz fin de semana!


  1. So many wonderful views all over the place in Athens! #feetdortravel

  2. Looks fabulous and hopefully I will get to visit in 2019 or 2020! Will pin this for use later on. Thanks.

  3. We loved our recent visit to Athens. Plaka was a favorite along with the Ancient Agora of Athens. Love your pictures!

  4. Love Athens and having 10 days would have been fantastic. We crammed a lot into 4 but could easily have stayed in Athens for a couple of weeks. Your pics are fab and brought back great memories.

    1. I actually stayed only 2 days in Athens as a part of our 10 days tour in Greece.

  5. Athens looks beautiful and it must have been pretty special spending time somewhere with so much history surrounding you! Definitely somewhere I would love exploring!

  6. I would love to visit Athens someday. I love the archaeological sites. The mass of white houses on the hillside is so pretty too!

  7. Wow, what stunning photos of Athens! After reading and seeing your post I am ready for a visit. So much history to see. I pinned this for later. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

  8. Athens always holds a special place in my heart! My husband and I will be travelling to Athens next month. Luckily, we have received our ,Greece visas!


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