Halloween inspiration

We can feel it everywhere... Halloween is coming. I know that many of you, my dear Obsessed readers, don't like this celebration because you feel this is an american creation with hidden commercial purposes... but I love Halloween. Is the day when you really feel winter is coming: the colors, the food, the darkness, the mystery, the legends... The atmosphere is magical. I love dressing up gloomy and organizing thematic dinners with my friends (even if the often show up undressed!)

Halloween is the contraction of All Hallows' Evening,  also known as All Hallows' Eve (All Saints). The origins of this celebration are not religious, but from a celtic celebration called Samhain meaning End of the Summer. This tradition marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the darker half of the year.  It was seen as a time when the spirits could more easily come into our world. It is said that the costumes were used to scare those spirits making humans look like evil and powerful spirits.

As every year, I'm already thinking of what I'm going to wear for this night. You must know that I always dress up like a vampire, but I change the kind of vampire I'm representing to. I could be a 80,s vampire, or a grunge vampire, anything is possible. For this reason, I'm starting to look for inspiration and I have collected some dress ideas, make-up inspiration and mood videos to get into the dark side of Halloween...

Let me know your ideas for this Halloween and share the pictures of your night after.

- end of the Obsession -

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