Sighisoara, following Vlad Tepes (II)

After our beautiful trip through the Carphatians we went to our next destination, Sighisoara, birthplace of Vlad TepeČ™. We arrive late at night, under heavy rain and with Coppola's Dracula's OST on in our car... I know how it sounds, but arriving to Sighisoara was breathless.


Sighisoara is  in the Heart of Transylvania and is the best preserved and only inhabited walled fortress in Europe.  We fall in love immediately with this city and become our favorite city of the whole trip. And I think is just because of this first night when we arrive with this suggestive weather.

It was around 10pm when we discovered the Covered Staircase, an old stone staircase with a wooden roof along the whole span with no light at night.  We went upstairs but we felt dizziness and the sensation that they were moving.  So, we changed our mind and leave the stairs for the next day, when we discovered that stairs lead you up to the Church on the Hill and the cemetery...

Sighisoara has a beautiful cemetery on top of the hill, surrounded by trees and with a magic atmosphere. Unlike other graveyards, Sighisoara’s cemetery does not host any dead celebrity, nor does it have any monumental mausoleums, but its charm resides in its serenity and the mere fact of its existence.

The cemetery is overgrown with a rambling and evocative collection of tombstones which appear to be randomly scattered with many broken and falling over.

The cemetery dates back to the 14th century and became the final resting place of the descendants of the Transylvanian Saxons (Germans), who were ordered here by the King of Hungary to settle and defend the Carpathian frontier against the steppe peoples in the 12th century.

Founded by Transylvanian Saxons during the 12th century, Sighisoara still stands as one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches has an atmospheric magic.

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