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By now you probably now my feebleness for Dracula and his legend. So, you won't be surprise by my new Obsessions; the new NBC series Dracula. I just started watching it recently and immediately become addicted. Jonathan Rhys Meyers really makes you believe that you are in front of the most alluring Dracula. 

Just the actress starring as Mina Murray, Jessica de Gouw, is boring to my taste. You can't feel the need of passion between both characters. Well, let's hope this will change in the following chapters.

This series is a mix between Dracula and the Count of Montecristo (another big obsession of mine for as long as I can remember). The story of Dracula with a subplot of a big, well planed revenge. Perfection!

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This series inspired me this post and look. I dressed up with dark colors, ad my felt hut and looked up for an old style bar in Barcelona. The choice was clear, Totó, a new italian cuisine restaurant decorated by the interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violan. Perfect for my inspiration.

We didn't have dinner at Totó, just a coffee, but the menu looks really good. It could pass for a Mediterranean-style restaurant you might find in New York or California, where local products and extremely high quality dominate the industry.

There is no set menu, and you won’t miss having one. The best calling card is how the kitchen itself works, fresh, natural and locally. Here some details of the of the wonderful interior design! I hope to come back soon for dinner and let you know how is the food!

- end of the Obsession - 

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