Floral explosion

I've been postponing for days a post I had started days ago, but I keep finding new obsessions I need to share immediately with you. Aaaaaaaah! Yesterday, for example, I found out about one of the most beautiful campaigns I have seen in a long time, Sony’s advertisement campaign for their 4K Ultra HD line of television sets.
Tengo pendiente de publicar un post desde hace días, pero a cada segundo descubro nuevas obsesiones que no puedo esperar a compartir con vosotros! Aaaaaaaaaah! Ayer me topé por casualidad con una de las campañas más bonitas que he visto en mucho tiempo, la campaña de la agencia McCann para la nueva TV de Sony 4K Ultra HD.

It may have looked like a scene out of a dream, but, for one day last year, a town in Central America was covered in 8 million flower petals. With the help of local residents, the team collected the most vibrant and colorful flower petals they could find in the area near the Irazú Volcano located in Costa Rica. The result are those beautiful pictures and an amazing video!

Pueden parecer imágenes recreadas por ordenador, pero la explosión de color que veis en las fotos es real y formada por 8 millones de pétalos recolectados por habitantes de la región de Costa Rica cercana al volcán Irazú! Una maravilla! Nos os perdáis el video. Es impresionante.

all pictures by Nick Meek

- end of the Obsession - 


  1. This is amazing!

    How wonderful it would be to see it live! For your next trip you need to find something as cool as this to potrait and show us :)

    1. I have some travels on my mind that could include some very beautiful sightseeings! I will keep you up-dated! xxx

  2. Your blog is so gorgeous. It's been ages since I've found one that I really like, but stumbling upon yours has changed that :)

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I'm the happiest girl now ;)


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