Copenhagen in 3 days: Day 3, Hipster Copenhagen

Today I bring you our last route through Copenhagen, the hipster route to discover the trendiest neighborhoods. After visiting classic Copenhagen on our first day and Copenhagen between channels on our second day , today it is time to discover the most authentic and modern Copenhagen. We will visit the neighborhoods where young people live and where you will find a more local commerce. Let's visit Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Meatpacking district.

Hoy os traigo nuestra última ruta por Copenhague, la ruta hipster para descubrir los barrios de moda. Tras visitar en nuestro primer día Copenhague clásica y el segundo día Copenhague entre canales, hoy toca descubrir el Copenhague más local y actual. Recorreremos los barrios donde vive la gente joven y donde encontraréis un comercio más local. Os mostraré Nørrebro, Vesterbro y Meatpacking district.


As soon as you reach its main street, you realize that you have entered a completely different area of Copenhagen. Here the majority of the inhabitants are students, artists and people of different ethnicities. To access the neighborhood, cross its famous bridge Dronning Louise's Bro (Queen Louise's Bridge). 
This bridge is frequented by tons of cyclists and pedestrians every single day. However, the bridge has also become an unusally popular hangout.

Nada más llegar a su calle principal, uno se da cuenta de que ha entrado en un ambiente completamente distinto al centro de Copenhague. Aquí la mayor parte de los habitantes son estudiantes, artistas y personas de distintas etnias. Para acceder al barrio, atraviesa su famoso puente Dronning Louise's Bro (Queen Louise's Bridge). Este puente lo cruzan cada día miles de ciclistas y peatones. Se ha hecho tan popular que incluso se ha convertido en un sitio donde quedar con amigos.


What to do:
- Walk along the main street of the neighborhood, Nørrebrogade. Here you will find a lot of commercial life.
- Visit one of Denmark's best known cemetery, Assistens. In this green oasis and cultural treasure there are buried famous Danes such as the writer Hans Christian Andersen or the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.
Walk Nørrebrogade, until you reach its emblematic square Nørrebrohallen.
- Stroll around Stefansgade. On this street you will find many cafes and shops of local artists. We really liked Design Kollektivet and Knast. 
- Walk Jaegersborggade, one of the hippest and most buzzing streets in Copenhagen. Home to around 40 art galleries, organic produce shops, vintage clothes, ceramics and jewellery designers, as well as wine bars, coffee shops and restaurants.
- Be sure to try at  Grød's the new trendy breakfast in Copenhagen, the porridge. 
- Have a coffee at The Coffee Collective

Qué hacer:
- Recorre su calle principal y eje del barrio, NørrebrogadeAquí encontrarás mucha vida comercial
- Visita uno de los cementerios más famosos de Dinamarca, Assistens. Aquí están enterrados personajes tan famosos como el escritor Hans Christian Andersen o el filósofo Søren Kierkegaard.
- Sigue por Nørrebrogade hasta llegar a Nørrebrohallen, una plaza muy peculiar.
- Recorre Stefansgade, una calle llena de cafés y tiendas. No dejes de visitar Design Kollektivet y Knast.
- Camina por la calle más famosa del barrio, Jaegersborggadey llévate recuerdos handmade de cualquiera de sus preciosas tiendas.
- No dejes de probar en Grød el nuevo desayuno de moda en Copenhague, las gachas. 
- Tómate un café en The Coffee Collective. 



Vesterbro is a former red light district turned hipster-hub, with Danes on skateboards and urban cafes on every corner.

Vesterbro es el antiguo barrio chino de Copenhague convertido en epicentro hipster de la ciudad, con skaters, tiendas de diseñadores locales y miles de cafés. 


What to do:
- Walk along the park Skydebanehaven. It got its name from playing host to a shooting range. The park is known for the shooting range wall, built in neo gothic style
- Stroll along Istedgade, the main shopping street in the neighborhood that connects Enghave Park with the Central Station. You will discover many craft shops and local designers.
- Have cinnamon rolls at Bagerdygtigt (try all different types, they are all delicious)
- Enjoy a delicious Bagel at Bagelman.
- Walk Sønder Boulevard, one of the most popular recreational areas and hang out spots filled with shopping and great cafés. 
- Rest with a coffee or tea in the beautiful Café Mandela.

Qué hacer:
- Camina por el parque Skydebanehaven, antiguo campo de tiro, conocido por su muro de contención en estilo neogótico.

- Camina a lo largo de la calle Istedgade, principal calle comercial del barrio que conecta el parque Enghave con la estación central. Descubrirás muchas tiendas de artesanía y diseñadores locales.
- Desayuna rollitos de canela en Bagerdygtigt (prueba los diferentes tipos, todos están deliciosos)

- Disfruta de un delicioso bagel en Bagelman.
- Recorre el Sønder Boulevard, zona popular para hacer picnics y también lleno de tiendas y cafés.

- Descansa con un café o un té en el precioso café Mandela.

Café Mandela

Meatpacking District (Kødbyen)

Today, the Meatpacking District in Vesterbro is one of Copenhagen’s most popular places to go out. The Meatpacking District used to be home to Copenhagen’s meat industry businesses and still consists of three separate areas, referred to as the White, Grey and Brown "Meat City" for the dominant colour of their buildings. In recent years, it has changed into a new creative cluster with a trendy nightlife and a broad range of high quality restaurants. Definitely, a dream destination for foody lovers. 

El Meatpacking District en Vesterbro es uno de los lugares más populares de Copenhague para salir. Antiguo eje de la industria de la carne en Copenhague, todavía se compone de tres áreas separadas, conocidas como: blanca, gris y marrón por el color dominante de sus edificios. En los últimos años, se ha convertido en un nuevo hub creativo con mucha vida nocturna de moda y una amplia gama de restaurantes de alta calidad. Sin duda, un destino ideal para los amantes de la comida. 

What to do:
- Wander around the many old stalls, that are still whitewashed with the original tiles and wide open spaces from when this trading area was created
- Enjoy outdoor food when sun shining.
- Eat at any of its innumerable restaurants.
- If you are traveling on a budget, enjoy a hamburger at Tommi's Burger Join
- Party by night in any of its nightclubs.

Qué hacer:
- Pasear por los muchos puestos antiguos que todavía están encalados con los azulejos originales, y por amplios espacios abiertos intactos desde que se creó este área comercial.
- Si hace bueno, disfruta de comida al aire libre.
- Come en cualquiera de sus innumerables restaurantes.
- Si viajas con poco presupuesto, disfruta de una hamburguesa en Tommi's Burger Join
- Sal de fiesta por sus locales nocturnos.

Design Kollektivet
Café Mandela

- end of the Obsession - 


  1. Great tips for visiting Copenhagen! Thanks for sharing. #feetdotravel

  2. Copenhagen has actually always been overlooked on my plans but I am gutted I haven't made it there yet! It looks really chic :) Will have to organise a trip here soon!

    1. I'm sure you will like it! Happy new year!

  3. Great tips! You've made me really want to visit Copenhagen, sounds very relaxed and fun there.

    1. It's really an amazing city to go over and over again! :)

  4. This post is full of great advice, you have covered so great places here and it's great how you have broken it down. Pinned this guide for future reference! #feetdotravel

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it specially coming from a pro like you! happy new year!

  5. Hoping to visit Copenhagen this year - really interesting post! Will pin for later reference! Thanks #feetdotravel

    1. Thank you! Is definitely a city worth visiting! I have other 2 different 1-day-tours on my blog in case you finally go! xxx

  6. Great tips! Now Copenhagen is on my list for future travels. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see your blogpost about it! :)

  7. What a great route! I loved Copenhagen when I visited a good few years back. I don't remember much as I was only 15 at the time, but I do remember how I felt and how I loved the architecture. After reading this, I have realized its time to go back!

  8. I have always been really intrigued by Copenhagen. I would really like to explore it one day! Great post!

  9. Definitely a side of Copenhagen I haven't seen, given I only spent a few hours there last time but still, cool to see more of it through your post. Certainly a cool place that I'd like to see more of, now including places like Vesterbro and Kødbyen. Great photos too by the way.

    1. thank you! Hope you go and enjoy my advises!

  10. So much to discover in these hipster neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, Midori! I especially love that cross-stitch wall in your header pic!


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